Last month during my visit to the financial district in New York, I walked in a souvenir shop. A photo frame caught my attention as the front message says: “life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass… It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

It’s a typical message of all products that are promoting positive vibes and encouraging impulsive buying at the same time. I liked the frame, but it made me think and reminded me of early days when I started my professional life after college. Equipped with all the youth confidence and hanger for challenges, I put myself in front of every storm and celebrated the victory or accept and learned from the defeat.

Today after more than two decades in the translation business, I don’t wait passively for the storm to pass but I don’t dance in the rain either.

I simply wear waterproof clothes and use an umbrella!

That comes with experience…

 “One need not feel powerless before a great force but can stand alongside it, provided the conditions instill a sense of fearlessness. Pluralism can only exist if there is confidence, not fear. But who possess such confidence?1

I certainly do and believe that the variety of translation services can be productively channelled for the advantage of both service providers and clients.

There is no doubt that big translation companies are stronger than a freelance translator. Yet, we coexist and the variety of services improves the likelihood that our clients find better and differentiated solutions to their problems.

I bought the photo frame, held that thought and continued my visit to the beautiful area of Lower Manhattan and just like every tourist I joined the queues for photos with the Charging Bull and Fearless Girl in two different locations. Now, the petite figure of the Fearless Girl is no longer staring down the raging beast. She is facing all business.

1 Cukier, K., Myer-Schonberger V. & de Vericourt F. (2021). Framers, Pinguin Random House LLC.