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I am a certified sworn Arabic translator specialising in law, finance and MBA e-learning.

I am a native speaker of Arabic with strong linguistic skills in English, French and Dutch. My translation career is about a passion for creating successful relationships between my clients and their targets customers. My mission is to help businesses expand in other markets by offering a service that is fast, high quality and cost transparent. This passion for languages originates from an early exposure to different languages which allowed me first to obtain an International Baccalaureate.

I graduated afterwards with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English Language & English Applied Linguistics and obtained a Master of Science (MSc.) Translation & Interpreting English/Arabic/English from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. I also hold a recognized Localization Diploma from Imperial College London and an accredited teaching Diploma from SOAS, University of London. Part of my professional development, I studied also corporate law and International Marketing. I enjoyed living in countries such as the UK, Morocco, Egypt and the Netherlands and worked as a translator, teacher and Arab media specialist.

Teaching experience:

English to Arabic and Arabic to English sworn translator in the Netherlands

Certifications and Memberships:

In-house translator English-Arabic and Arabic-English 1995-2007

Freelance certified translator English-Arabic since 2007

Freelance translator Dutch-Arabic since 2007

Sworn translator English-Arabic and Arabic-English since 2011

E-Commerce translator Dutch-English since 2017

Translator Assessor Institute of Translation & Interpreting English-Arabic since 2021

I am currently working as a full-time freelance translator and living in the Netherlands LinkedIn. To watch my introduction video in Arabic, kindly click here

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With her professional and very personable style, Farah helped Crowdynews integrating support for the Arabic language and gave us insight into the MENA news media market. Our technology operates on natural language processing algorithms and for Arabic we needed not only a native speaker, but somebody with an in-depth understanding of linguistics and with a knowledge of different Arabic dialects. Farah provided high quality, accurate translation with a fast turnaround times and was the perfect match for this role.

Mathijs ter Wee

Mathijs ter Wee

Content Specialist at Crowdynews, Groningen, The Netherlands

I had very positive experiences with Farah’s translation services. Farah was of great help to my legal firm when I needed the translation into English of some legal documents. I truly recommend her as a qualified professional. She is combining very good quality with very good service. So, if you need a high quality, accurate translation ask Farah. She will not let you down.

Carel van Duinen

Carel van Duinen

Owner of Westpoort Juristen B.V. Netherlands

During her time at ARTOC Farah was responsible for the interface with the Egyptian media and weekly press releases in Arabic & English. ARTOC Group executes several landmark projects in the field of real estate, engineering, automotive, innovation and technology. We require daily translations from English to Arabic and Farah’s linguistic skills combined with her resilience enabled her to deliver high quality translations and meet the tightest deadlines.

Ahmed A. Kasem

Ahmed A. Kasem

IT Manager ARTOC Group, Cairo, Egypt

Farah and I attended many media briefings together in Cairo and I always admired her ability to translate complex briefings from Arabic into English. I highly recommend her services, as I found her very efficient, accurate, friendly and very fast.

Sameh Salima

Sameh Salima

Information Specialist at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo/ U.S. Department of State.

Farah was my colleague whilst working for British American Tobacco in Cairo, Egypt. Cairo was the Area Headquarter for North Africa, and Farah’s fluency in Arabic, English and French was recognized as a great asset by both management and colleagues. Due to the nature of the organisation, our corporate translations are often highly specialised in legal, finance, marketing and media, and it is in this kind of translations where Farah has proven the type of professional she is: meticulous, dedicated and with a passion for a job well done.

Tamer Adel

Tamer Adel

Head of Legal at SBK Holding, Dubai, UAE